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Sep 24, 2012

Host Robert Helms travels to Orlando Florida and attends the 14th Annual Shared Ownership Conference.  

So what exactly is "Shared Ownership"?  

Great question!  And the answer is this extra long episode of The Real Estate Guys radio show - including a huge collection of interviews with experts on the topic.  

Can you...

Sep 17, 2012

Most savvy real estate investors know it’s a good idea to put each property in a limited liability company.  More complex strategies include setting up management companies, holding companies and can even include an offshore component.

The basic idea is to create a legal entity (corporation, LLC, etc.) or network of...

Sep 10, 2012

The overall health of the US economy affects jobs, incomes and asset values - including investment real estate.  Throughout one of the most hotly contested presidential elections in recent memory, economic policy has been a central theme.  

At their convention, the Democrats invoked the spirit (and oration) of...

Sep 3, 2012

Another exhilarating episode of Ask The Guys!  Robert and Russ answer your questions...

With only $20,000 to invest and living overseas, which U.S. markets make sense?

Does size matter?  A Minneapolis investor is enjoying great cash flow on smaller properties, but feels the urge to go big.  Should he?

A Texas investor...