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Jan 27, 2014

Attorney Mauricio Rauld joins us to share important information that anyone raising money should be aware of.

Many people are seeing the big opportunity to raise money to do more and bigger deals.

We think raising money is a great idea.  But it's not something to engage in casually. 

So if you decide to partner with...

Jan 20, 2014

Power is the ability to create a powerful locomotive, rocket ship or airplane.  People can be powerful too. A strong man can move heavy weights.

When it comes to building a successful portfolio or business, a powerful person has the ability to take effective action.  Efficient, energetic and focused...

Jan 13, 2014

Special guest Matt Kerkhoff writes for Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters.  He spends a lot of time watching the flows of money in and out of financial asset classes.  With the stock market at record highs, gold at 12 year lows and real estate returning to pre-crash levels in some markets, we want to know what’s...