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Sep 3, 2012

Another exhilarating episode of Ask The Guys!  Robert and Russ answer your questions...

With only $20,000 to invest and living overseas, which U.S. markets make sense?

Does size matter?  A Minneapolis investor is enjoying great cash flow on smaller properties, but feels the urge to go big.  Should he?

A Texas investor is stacking up cash flow properties and wants to retire in Belize in 12 years. Great idea! But should he accelerate the loans or leverage into more properties?  What's the shortest path to "critical mass"?

A New York investor wants to know if she should use off the shelf deal analysis software or build her own spreadsheet.  What's a diligent investor to do?

A rookie investor from Minnesota is flipping his first deal - a single family home. He wants to know how to build a true investment business with multi-unit buildings. How can he go from forcing equity to collecting passive cash flow?

Another New York investor with 12 residential propeties wants to crack the commercial code.  What do the lenders look for?  How can he make the leap?

A land owner in New Jersey is looking for investors - presumably to help develop the property.  He's tried investor clubs, bars and dating services (just kidding) with no luck.  Where can he go to find the funding partners he needs?

A California couple have an expensive home that's paid for, a bunch of cash in a low rate CD, and a half million in retirements accounts.  They're doing great...but want to own more real estate.  How can they get there from here?

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