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Jan 30, 2017

Real estate markets and product classes go through cycles of peaks and valleys.

Whether you’re a vet or just beginning, it's smart pay attention to where you're at in a cycle ... and how you can optimize cycles to work for you and not against you.

In this episode show, we talk with super-successful...

Jan 23, 2017

Robert Kiyosaki joins us for a candid discussion on why the rich get richer... and how you can too.

For 20 years, Kiyosaki's groundbreaking book Rich Dad Poor Dad has shattered both sales records and financial paradigms.

Kiyosaki inspires many and confounds some with his sometimes controversial ideas and candid...

Jan 16, 2017

Like love and driving, investing involves risk. But there's a big difference between being reckless and taking calculated risks.

In this episode, we discuss some of the many risks real estate investors face ... and strategies for mitigating those risks and maximizing the probabilities of success.

The Real Estate Guys™...

Jan 8, 2017

Real estate investing is TEAM activity. All but the most extreme lone wolf operators need positive interactions with other people.

And there's no need to reinvent the wheel or trek though your investing life alone!

It's not just about getting things done. It's about staying inspired, empowered and energized. 


Jan 2, 2017

Investing results are the product of external circumstances and how you respond.

Because you can't control external events, it's important to make good decisions and follow through with effective action.

But sometimes people just do stupid things.

The good news is there are great lessons in stupidity. Of course, those...