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Dec 28, 2015

The world of single-family home investing changed after the Great Recession. Once the sole purview of Mom & Pop investors, today huge hedge funds like Blackstone own tens of thousands of houses.

In this episode, broadcast from the 4th annual Single Family Residential Investment Forum in Scottsdale Arizona, we...

Dec 21, 2015

The Fed FINALLY raises rates for the first time in nearly a decade. Now what?

In this episode, Robert and Russ discuss the short term and big picture impact of the Fed's long awaited move...and what it might mean for real estate investors.

The Real Estate Guys™ radio show provides real estate investing news,...

Dec 7, 2015

Attorney Mauricio Rauld updates us on the new crowdfunding rules issued by the SEC.

Finally, the doors are opening for non-accredited investors to get in on private equity

While this is very exciting news, purveyors of private placements need to know the
rules...or risk running afoul of the regulators.


Nov 30, 2015

How to get started investing is one of the most common questions we're asked. So no surprise it comes up again in this edition of Ask The Guys.

Of course, the answer depends on where you're at, where you want to go, what you have to work with, and what's happening in the marketplace at the time. So even though the...

Nov 23, 2015

Relationships are one of the most valuable assets a real estate investor has.

In our careers, we're thankful for the many great ones we have. We KNOW they're great because we've had some real bad ones to compare them to.

In this Thanksgiving edition of The Real Estate Guys radio show, we reflect back on how some of the...