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Feb 28, 2010

It takes more than desire and hard work to win a gold medal or make millions in real estate. The Guys break down the Winter Olympics to glean powerful performance principles from some of the worlds best athletes. How do real estate investors apply these important lessons in order to achieve their fullest potential?...

Feb 21, 2010

Whats happening in commercial real estate? The Guys look at trends in sales and cap rates in retail real estate, issues with maturing loans and their effect on multi-family properties, and the reality of tenant defaults in the commercial world. Plus, theres a discussion on the effect of the soft economy on office...

Feb 14, 2010

Realtor to the stars Sharona Alperin joins the Guy to talk high end real estate, getting rich in a niche and how to work effectively with high profile, high net worth people. Plus the Guys reveal where you can meet some "real estate rock stars"!

Feb 7, 2010

TEAM of Experts and Guests

  • Your Host, Robert Helms
  • Co-Host and Financial Strategist, Russell Gray
  • The "Godfather" of Real Estate, Bob Helms
  • Tyler Cohee, Trustee Verification Specialist

On this week's show we'll discuss

  • The Ethics Surrounding Loan Agreements
  • When to Consider a Strategic Default
  • Trustee...