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Nov 26, 2012

Finding money to take advantage of the many great bargains in today’s real estate market can be challenging.  Easy cash out loans and the equity they created are largely gone, so investors have been looking for alternatives. 

One of the still largely underutilized sources of investment capital on most people’s...

Nov 19, 2012

As much as we love making money, we all know there's more to life than just making money.

In this epsiode, we talk with a woman who has overcome a number of obstacles to achieve success in business, investing and even in parenting!

Rita Khagram was born into a culture that didn't empower women.  Undeterred she set off...

Nov 11, 2012

Renowned real estate syndicator Sam Freshman is our special guest for this episode. 

Sam Freshman began his real estate investing career in 1957 and founded his syndication company in 1961.  Since then he’s been involved in deals exceeding $500 million.  And when you consider the price of real estate in the 60’s,...

Nov 5, 2012

An essential skill for every rental property investor big or small is knowing how to do accurate financial analysis. Without it, how do you know if a property is a good deal, how it compares to other properties; or whether it's a good time to buy, sell or refinance?

These are just some of the very important questions a...