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Sep 17, 2012

Most savvy real estate investors know it’s a good idea to put each property in a limited liability company.  More complex strategies include setting up management companies, holding companies and can even include an offshore component.

The basic idea is to create a legal entity (corporation, LLC, etc.) or network of entities through which various aspects of your business activities are conducted. And to NEVER do business as a natural person in your own name.  

Once you get your mind around it, it’s ALMOST fun putting it all together.  Unfortunately, that’s where it ends for too many investors.  And as you might guess...the devil's in the details.

Attorney Garrett Sutton tells us it's important to not only set up a solid structure, but to maintain it properly.  How?  By being careful to observe “corporate formalities”.  

To find out what those are and why they're important, listen in as we talk with Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Advisor for Asset Protection, Garrett Sutton.  Discover how to run your own corporation and better protect your real estate empire!

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