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Oct 6, 2014

Commercial real estate can be a leading indicator of economic trends.  When businesses are optimistic, they lease space to house more employees and accommodate anticipated growth.  Both are good for landlords.

Likewise, when businesses are pessimistic, they don't add space, renew leases or accept rental increases...and they don't hire.  That's not good for landlords.

And when things are REALLY bad, businesses just stop paying or move their operations to more affordable, friendlier jurisdictions if they can find them.  This can be good or bad for landlords depending on which side of the migration you're on.

In this episode we take a look at commercial real estate trends with one of the biggest brains in the business, Dr. David Lynn.  David has PhD from the London School of Economics, is a prolific author on real estate related topics, and has served as the Chief Investment Strategist for more than one multi-billion dollar real estate investment funds.

Speaking of fund managers, we also check in with returning guest Frank Holmes of U.S. Global Investors.  Frank's not a real estate guy, but as the investment strategist for a top performing fund family, Frank pays close attention to the macro trends which affect ALL investors - real estate or otherwise.

So listen in as we take the pulse of the broader economy with David Lynn and Frank Holmes!

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