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Apr 27, 2020

Oil prices crashed as the COVID-19 shutdown crushes demand.

Common sense says prices could rise again when demand returns.

To find out where the opportunities are in the current oil crisis, we sit down with a long-time oil man ... and discover there's a way to help hurting well-owners and end up with a long-term stream...

Apr 20, 2020

The COVID19 crisis makes managing multi-family properties considerably more complicated.

How are real world landlords managing the risks and responsibilities?

To find out, we check in with The Apartment King, Brad Sumrok and get some practical tips for property and portfolio management in a COVID19 world.

The Real...

Apr 13, 2020

The MOST important asset you manage is your mind. It's the genesis of all your dreams, plans, actions, and results.

In this episode, the world's biggest-selling author in history reveals how and why to train your brain to think bigger.

So listen in as Mark Victor Hansen explains how big thinking leads to big...

Apr 6, 2020

Another thrilling episode of Ask The Guys as we tackle timely topics related to property and portfolio management during the Coronavirus pandemic ... and more!

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