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Aug 29, 2016

If your real estate investing ambitions are bigger than your balance sheet, it's time to get serious about raising private capital.

For this episode, your intrepid hosts travel to the financial capital of the world... New York, New York... and we visit with a guy who not only raises private capital, but he teaches...

Aug 22, 2016

Big time investing is more of a business than a hobby. It's easy to buy a few houses on the side and collect rents. But to build a big portfolio... especially if you raise private capital... it's critical to think and act like a businessperson.

In this episode, we visit with an experienced real estate entrepreneur......

Aug 15, 2016

Two great guests talk about the importance of developing and managing emotional capital.

Many an investor has succumbed to either greed or fear...taking undue risk or failing to act on opportunity. That usually doesn't end well.

Yes it's true. We worry too much about having our feelings hurt, but it's often our feelings...

Aug 8, 2016

Best known as Donald Trump's "right hand man" over four decades, there's very little in the world of real estate investing that attorney George Ross hasn't seen.  

So we thought it would be fun to talk with the original co-star of The Apprentice...and see what we could learn about real estate investing, business,...