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Sep 28, 2015

So many little time!

In this fifth and final episode of our series on getting off the beaten path to find better cash flows, we take a rapid fire look at a variety of real estate niches.

We discover there are MANY places an intrepid real estate investor can go to find profits...without fighting with...

Sep 21, 2015

Commercial properties are alternatives for investors looking for profits outside of every day residential real estate.

In this episode, we take a look at the big three of commercial real estate - office, retail and industrial...and some of the many sub-sectors inside of each.

If all you've ever known or considered is...

Sep 14, 2015

Big banks and Wall Street have once again been accused of manipulating a major market.  As if the LIBOR scandal wasn't bad enough, the latest allegations of Treasury market shenanigans highlight the dangers of little fish swimming with big sharks.

But with banks paying virtually nothing on savings, and high yielding...

Sep 7, 2015

In part two of our series on looking outside of little green houses for higher cash flows, we turn our attention to a monopoly hotels! 

And to spice things up a bit, we add resort property to the mix.

In a world where working class people are getting poorer in terms of real wages, finding ways to derive...