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Sep 26, 2016

In uncertain economic times, there are still a few things you can be sure of. People will need homes to live in and food to eat. So both can be very stable investments even in volatile times.

But there are some big differences... and some great reasons why savvy investors might want to add some farmland to...

Sep 19, 2016

Flipping is a fabulous way to fabricate fast profits... for both beginners and pros. And there are SO many ways to to do it!

In this episode, we take a look at several proven strategies for making quick money with real estate... and piling up down payments for your long term passive income generating properties.


Sep 12, 2016

Headlines are full of gloom, doom and boom. But what does it all mean to real estate investors?

In this episode, we take a look at current events including a seasonally-adjusted jobs report bust, what's happening with start-ups and job growth, the impact of tax jurisdictions and economic policy on attracting...or...

Sep 5, 2016

Lifestyle investing combines profit, travel and personal use. Imagine having a vacation property that pays you to own it!

We're in beautiful Belize for this exotic episode, where we've discovered one of the greatest lifestyle investment markets we've ever seen. And it's VERY nice to look at.

So if you've ever wondered...