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Jan 26, 2015

Bigger deals mean better cashflows...and bigger loans. And the process for getting commercial loans is quite a bit different than what happens when you get a loan for single family home or a 4 unit or less multi-family.

In this episode, we visit with commercial loan broker Michael Becker and dig into the details of...

Jan 19, 2015

Getting into the deal flow and actually getting a competitive deal done is often dependent upon having the right real estate broker. 

Of course, all brokers aren't the same.  Some are great...others not so much.  And the great ones are often in high demand, so getting access can be just as hard...if not harder...than...

Jan 12, 2015

Best-selling author Jim Rickards (Currency Wars and The Death of Money) says one of the best places to protect and preserve wealth is land.

Our friend Simon Black at Sovereign Man agrees...especially when it comes to agricultural land.  After all, raw land doesn't generate cash flow

So in this episode we visit with...

Jan 5, 2015

Whether you're starting out or wanting to go to the next level, there are nine essential steps every investor can take to jump start their real estate investing career.

So before you get fancy or lost in the weeds, listen in and make sure you focus on the fundamentals and lay a solid foundation on which to build your...