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Apr 1, 2013

Opportunity and powerful lessons are all around us - sometimes in the most unlikely places and through some of the most unlikely people.

During our recent travels, we were in two disparate places with two distinctly different, yet notable and successful people.  The common denominator is the great lessons to be learned from both.

In this episode, we chat with James Bovell and Carl Palmer.

James is the dominant real estate broker on the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman. We got to know James while touring Grand Cayman on our 2013 Summit at Sea educational real estate shore excursion.

Meanwhile, Carl Palmer is the world famous drummer from the classic rock bank Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  Today he's performing with his new group, The Carl Palmer Band.  He's also created one of the most unique and intriguing kinds of collectible art that we've ever seen.  What does any of that have to do with real estate investing?  Listen in and find out!

James and Carl don’t know each other, but now you’ll get to know them both.  Plus you’ll hear what we think some of the important take-aways are for real estate investors because there's a lot to learn when you're willing to go out exploring.

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