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Aug 23, 2021

As real estate investors, we’re big fans of cash flow, leverage, and tax benefits.

Today, we’re talking about an asset class that doesn’t typically provide any of those things ... But stay tuned because this is no shiny object syndrome.

Like real estate, gold is real, essential, and the long-term data proves it consistently outperforms other asset classes over time.

So while putting your money into an investment vehicle that produces no returns may seem counterintuitive, more and more savvy investors are joining central banks and turning to precious metals as a hedge against inflation and a falling dollar.

And whether or not gold and silver are investment vehicles for you, understanding them is essential to understanding the economy, the financial system, and reading the mood of the market.

In this episode, we get a crash-course in gold and silver from two highly-qualified precious metals experts. Listen in to discover what’s happening in the physical market and the benefits of adding gold and silver to your portfolio.

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