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Jul 29, 2013

The real estate we invest in floats in an economic sea teeming with other financial and political life forms,  Each of these denizens of the dollar plays a role in the financial ecology.  There are symbiotic relationships, predators and prey, natural and man-made disasters, and a host of other factors which affect the performance and prospects of our real estate.

We like attending Freedom Fest each year because we always meet interesting people who give us fascinating perspectives on financial markets and vehicles that we don't always study as closely as we do real estate.

In the episode, we look at the symbiotic relationship between agricultural commodities and real estate, what the precious metals markets can tell us about the strength of the dollar, what might cause and how we would be affected by strong armed governmental intervention in capital markets, and much more!

So strap on your thinking cap and listen in as we dive into a discussion with a variety of interesting guests from the floor of Freedom Fest 2013.

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