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May 28, 2012

U.S. election year political rhetoric has already hit high gear, but we’re sure the best (worst?) is yet to come.  And you can bet tinkering with the economy is going to be a major part of the conversation - probably more so than any time since 1992 and Bill Clinton’s now famous slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  

As real estate investors, we care deeply about things like the supply and cost of capital, job creation and tax rates.  And while we can’t control what happens, we sure want to anticipate it - especially if big changes are being proposed.  End the Fed?  Return to a gold standard?  Raise taxes on capital gains?  Eliminate the mortgage deduction?  Lions, tigers and bears? Oh my! 

What’s an investor to do?  Well, start by paying attention to people who are paying attention.  To help you, we traveled to the Las Vegas Money Show to sit down face to face with our good friend, economist and outspoken political opiner, Dr. Mark Skousen. 

As the founder of Freedom Fest, Mark Skousen is one of most connected and intellectually honest people we know.  Every time we sit with Mark, we learn and we’re sure you will too.  So tune in and find out what Dr. Skousen sees for the economy and economic policy as the United States  enters one of the more interesting election years in recent history.  

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