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Nov 15, 2010

There is huge money to be made in real estate syndication.  Nearly every big time investor you'll see is really the point man for a group of investors.  It's a business that attracts big egos, crooked operators and lots of pretenders.  Meanwhile, there are some very substantial, credible professionals quietly going about the business of making profits for their investors.  In this episode, The Real Estate Guys go mobile and sit down in a Southern California boardroom with the guy who literally wrote the book on real estate syndication.  Our special guest Sam Freshman has been syndicating real estate deals for decades and has seen it all.  He shares his practical and priceless pearls of wisdom in this candid conversation about real estate, the economy and what it takes to be successful on a large scale. If you have dreams of big dollar real estate deals, then this episode is for you!  Want more?  Visit and sign up for the free newsletter!