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Nov 8, 2010

Investing where the numbers make sense often entails travel because not everyone lives in prime real estate investment areas. So if you decide to "live where you want to live but invest where the numbers make sense", then travel is going to be a regular part of your life as a real estate investor.

In this episode, The Real Estate Guys draw upon their own substantial travel experience to provide practical tips for successful road trips.  Like a corporate traveler, getting to where you need to be and arriving focused and organized is very important.  But for a real estate road warrior, that’s only part of the game.  Picking up clues about the market and its opportunities is also a very important aspect of getting the most out of your trips.

Of course, getting the best value for your travel dollar is also a worthy topic, so we invited the Senior Editor for Orbitz to chime in with some timely tips.

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