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Nov 26, 2012

Finding money to take advantage of the many great bargains in today’s real estate market can be challenging.  Easy cash out loans and the equity they created are largely gone, so investors have been looking for alternatives. 

One of the still largely underutilized sources of investment capital on most people’s balance sheets are retirement accounts. This is partly because the traditional financial services industry has had a virtual monopoly in this space and consumers remain somewhat ignorant of their non-traditional options. 

Also, many investors don’t consider their retirement funds to be highly manageable and tend to leave them on auto-pilot.  But for those who want to take control of their retirement investments, there are many opportunities to self-direct away from Wall Street and into tangible assets like real estate, physical metals or notes directly tied to real estate both domestically and offshore. 

Our guest in this episode is Larry Grossman, who specializes in helping people comply with all the rules regarding self-directed individual retirement accounts. 

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