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Aug 23, 2010

Protecting your money in today's highly uncertain economy is surely very challenging.  Real estate equity and bank accounts used to be among the SAFEST places to keep your savings.  Today, real estate equity has shrunk and getting access to it is next to impossible.  And with record bank failures even the old saying "sure as money in the bank" seems a little outdated.  Add horribly low interest rates and, to compound the injury, taxes on your meager interest earnings, it's enough to make you wonder what this financial world is coming to. Well, we have good news. There's a new way to look at an old product - one that is time tested and has survived its fair share of economic turmoil.  Join Robert, Russ and the Godfather as they explore the creative uses of life insurance with expert guest Patrick Donohoe. Want More?  Sign Up for The Real Estate Guys™ Free Newsletter at