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Mar 28, 2011

Not everyone has the time, talent or temperament to find, fix up and rent out properties.  If you like your day job and just want to invest your savings in positive cash flow real estate, you may want to become a turnkey real estate investor. Let someone else do all the heavy lifting and then hand you a plug ‘n play property with positive cash flow.  Of course, this pre-supposes you can find a good turnkey property provider.  The good news is that lots of real estate entrepreneurs have gotten into the “turnkey” business.  The bad news is that all are not created equal.  So we scoured the country and found a guy who’s been at it for nearly ten years and has some great insights.  Join The Real Estate Guys™ and special guest Terry Kerr and get Terry’s Tips for Turnkey Rental Property Investing.   The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show podcast provides education, information, training and resources to help investors make money with their real estate investing.  Learn more and subscribe to the free newsletter at