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Apr 16, 2012

It’s been said that for someone’s circumstances to improve, that someone needs to improve.  Most of us know that. Just like attaining the ideal body weight, we all know what to do. So why aren't we all there?  Because contrary to popular myth, knowledge alone isn’t necessarily power.

Some would argue that discipline is the answer.  Perhaps.  But who has the discipline to continually fight against their natural inclinations? 

So the secret is to transform one's self into a person who consistently converts knowledge into effective action.  But how?   

Transformation turned out to be the impromptu theme of our 2012 Investor Summit. 

The knowledge provided by our amazing faculty, including Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, G. Edward Griffin, Rich Dad Advisors Ken McElroy, Garrett Sutton, Tom Wheelwright, Andy Tanner and many other amazing teachers, provided the seeds of change.  But the magic was the environment created through the synergies of investors from all over the world as we learned, laughed and transformed together. 

In this episode of The Real Estate Guys radio show, recorded in front of a live studio audience aboard the ship on the final day at sea, our faculty shares their reflections and most important takeaways from arguably the most powerful Summit we’ve ever had. 

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