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Apr 4, 2010

Best selling author Jordan Goodman explains how debt is different as the US attempts to break the gravitational pull of the Great Recession.  New credit card laws went into effect for 2010 and changed the rules for credit card issuers.  What adjustments do credit card holders need to make?  Plus, with record unemployment more people are looking for professional help.  What are the important differences between Debt Settlement and Credit Counseling - and which is better?  Of course, the biggest debt for most people is their mortgage - or for investors, their collection of mortgages.  Long time listeners know The Real Estate Guys are not big fans of mortgage acceleration, but Jordan showed us a technique that made both dollars and sense!  Is it really possible to accelerate a loan without amortization?  Amazing!  Lastly, for many people, foreclosure and bankruptcy are part of their new reality.  Does that mean game over - or is there life after these types of setbacks?  Join Robert, Russ, The Godfather and special guest Jordan Goodman and find out!