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Sep 1, 2014

If there were only ONE skill you could have...the one that would help you get everything you want or need out of life...what would it be?

Our good friend and mega-successful entrepreneur Ken McElroy says, "Sales solves every problem."

Now he was talking about revenue being the answer to cash flow problems.

But it got us thinking.  And his statement is far bigger than merely making money.

After all, if you've ever tried to win the heart of that special guy or gal, or convince your headstrong child to make better choices in life, or simply want to win the debate about where to go on vacation this've been using sales skills.

And if you aren't getting your way more often than not, perhaps your sales skills need some attention.

As real estate investors, we're constantly negotiating with buyers and seller, vendors and lenders, tenants and neighbors, and the list goes on and on and on.

Even if you delegate to others, you still have to recruit and lead them.  And that comes back to sales skills.

So tune in and see if you agree with us that sales is the one skill that solves every problem.

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