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Jun 13, 2011

The Checkbook IRA allows you to act quickly when you see a great deal for a non-traditional investment like a foreclosure, short sale, fixer-upper or discount note.  No more paperwork and waiting while your custodian reviews and approves your deal.  Just write a check and get it done! With the stock market down (again), concerned investors are turning back to real estate - and are looking to their individual retirement accounts and rollover 401ks as a funding source.  The Checkbook IRA takes a lot of the hassle out of the whole process. Listen in as The Real Estate Guys™ talk with attorney Mauricio Rauld about this exciting tool for real estate investing using your self-directed retirement account. The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to helps real estate investors succeed.  To learn more and subscribe to the free newsletter, visit