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May 10, 2010

A candid conversation with one investor who is getting back on the road to real estate riches after the downturn wiped out much of his portfolio.  We often say that a bend in the road isn’t the end of the road - unless you fail to make the turn! The real estate market made a sharp turn a couple of years ago.  Lots of people failed to adjust and are no longer in the business.  Many of those who are still on the path had to make adjustments. From Donald Trump to Walter Sanford to Robert Kiyosaki to Wayne Palmer, we never get tired of hearing the riches to rags to riches stories.  Successful people are successful - even when they’re failing - because they know how to manage their fears, analyze their failures, get the lessons and take effective action to come back bigger and better than before. We decided to catch up with David Campbell, a former high school teacher turned real estate millionaire who lost nearly everything when the mortgage meltdown slammed property values.  Now, he’s rebuilding - using the lessons from the hard times to build a much stronger and more stable portfolio. Tune in and find out how David manages his psychology in the face of setbacks, and how his approach to real estate investing has changed.  David shares his new investment philosophy and reveals what property types and markets he’s having success with right now - and why. If you think winners never lose, then this show will show you that bad things can happen to good investors.  But a good investor will shift gears and get back on track!