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Sep 14, 2015

Big banks and Wall Street have once again been accused of manipulating a major market.  As if the LIBOR scandal wasn't bad enough, the latest allegations of Treasury market shenanigans highlight the dangers of little fish swimming with big sharks.

But with banks paying virtually nothing on savings, and high yielding residential real estate getting harder to find...where's an investor to go for higher yields and real assets?

In this episode, attorney Mauricio Rauld talks with us about the growing popularity of private placements.  These are non-publicly traded investments where a sponsor organizes a group of private investors to purchase a single property or a portfolio of properties.

These are deals typically too big for Mom & Pop investors to do, so you're not competing for profits with Johnny-come-lately novices who bid prices up.  But they're also too small for the big institutions to bother with, so there's often a "sweet spot" with private placements where deals still make sense...even in a hot market.

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