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Aug 16, 2010

Steve Forbes is the billionaire CEO of Forbes Magazine and a two time presidential candidate. He’s also an author and outspoken advocate for free market capitalism.  His latest book, How Capitalism Will Save Us, describes his contention that too much government is bad for business.  As real estate guys, we know our properties do better when businesses are hiring (remember when they used to do that?) and our tenants have jobs.  So we’re always interested in finding those places where jobs are being created.  To do so, it’s important we understand what conditions stimulate job growth.  Steve Forbes says he knows the answer.  Any time a billionaire is willing to share their thoughts with us, we’re listening and taking notes.  This is the last in our series of interviews captured at the Freedom Fest conference in Las Vegas.  To stay up to date with The Real Estate Guys, sign up for our free newsletter at