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Oct 19, 2015

Most people invest in real estate for building wealth to enjoy then pass on to their family. But because of poor or little planning, some investors lose huge chunks of their assets to lawsuits and taxation.

So in an age of hackers, surveillance and money hungry governments, it's never been more important to structure your holdings for maximum privacy, protection and tax mitigation.

It used to be good enough to set up a simple local structure. More sophisticated investors and businesses then began to use interstate structures.

Today, it's becoming more common for investors to use global strategies to build and protect wealth, minimize taxes and maximize privacy. Because the easier it is for a predator to find your wealth and make a claim on it, the more likely you are to come under attack.

In this epsiode we welcome back internationl asset protection attorney Joel Nagel who shares his strategies for going global to protect wealth and pass more if it on when the time comes.

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