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Oct 11, 2010

A candid conversation with an attorney on the legal state-of-the-art in loan modifications.  In this radio show, The Real Estate Guys talk about what programs are working now as property owners, lenders, attorneys, the courts and government are all busy sorting through the foreclosure crisis.   What is the best way to save your home and rental houses?  How much money does it cost to get a professional service to help?  Has the recent news about widespread mortgage fraud improved your odds of success?  Is it possible to negotiate a successful workout and avoid the loss of your credit, cash savings and retirement? In a weak jobs market and declining or uncertain income for millions of homeowners, it takes a good survival plan to avoid bankruptcy.  The choices aren't always clear, yet every decision is critical to getting a loan workout deal you can live with.  The first and best investment is in your own education, so tune in as Robert and Russ talk with attorney Reuben Nathan.  Want more?  Visit our Distressed Borrower Help Center at and click on Resources.  While you're there, sign up for The Real Estate Guys free newsletter!