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Mar 14, 2011

Chaos in the commercial lending markets means lots of problems for business borrowers.  But it also means lots of opportunity for smart and bold entrepreneurs.  When a market is wounded, creative entrepreneurs come out like white corpuscles to work on the problem.

To get more insight into the state of commercial lending, The Real Estate Guys headed to Las Vegas for the National Hard Money Convention.  We were introduced to a guy with over 30 years in the hard money and commercial lending business.  After some lively conversation, we decided our audience would benefit from hearing what he had to say, so we broke out the microphones and recorded a radio show.  We think you're gonna like it!

Join The Real Estate Guys and our special guest George Blackburne as we put today's commercial lending challenges into perspective . Find out why, when conventional lenders only want to do the "no-brainer" business, there's tremendous opportunity for a smart entrepreneur.

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