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Jul 30, 2012

Special guests include bond market expert Steven McDonald and dividend investing guru and author Mark Lichtenfield from The Oxford Club; and David Conover, President of Wealth Management at Everbank.  Yes, bonds. stocks and banking on a real estate show.  But for good reason! 

We’ve been talking forever about the connection between the bond market and the mortgage market - and the powerful influence the bond market has on interest rates and overall availability of capital.  And not just for real estate investors, but job creators (it's better when tenants have jobs) and consumers (businesses do better when people buy stuff).  So even though he’s not a real estate guy, we really bonded with Steve (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves).

Mark talks about the important of investing for income.  Of course, he means stocks that pay dividends, but we like the idea.  Buy an equity that cash flows.  Great concept!  That way if inflation goes up, so does your asset value, and if not, well then you just cash flow, flow, flow your boat merrily down the stream.

What about David?  Well, banks are basically warehouses where real estate investors store their extra dollars, including the float on their cash flow.  And it’s a big concern when the Fed is diluting the value of those dollars, so what’s an investor to do?  After all, you can’t deploy all your cash all the time, or you might wake up one day with a major liquidity problem.  David tells us how you can dump dollars, still be liquid and have FDIC insurance. More, we learn how a banking executive looks at the current market and what he thinks the future holds.

So listen in on the conversation as we talk bonds, dividends and wealth management with Steve McDonald and David Conover.

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