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Oct 18, 2010

Cash flow is the life-blood of financial success for household and businesses.  Cash flow is what a professional investor buys when purchasing both stocks and real estate.  But when Property Management Stupidity (PMS) sets in, it can cramp cash flow.  Left unattended, PMS causes balance sheet anemia and leads to a stained credit score.  In this episode, The Real Estate Guys discuss the causes and cures for Property Management Stupidity with expert in-studio guest and second generation property manager, Jay Hartley.  Listen to this podcast and discover how to find the best property management company, stop the bleeding on your rental house and other rental property, avoid loss to your real estate investment and make money as a property owner and landlord.  The Real Estate Guys Radio Show podcast provides education, information and training to help investors make money with their real estate investments.  Want more?  Visit and sign up for the free newsletter!