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Oct 5, 2015

Rock star is a term often used to describe HUGE success in any endeavor. Maybe YOU are dreaming of becoming a real estate rock star some day!

So we thought it would be fun (and instructive) to sit down and visit with a real life rock star.

We want to know how someone finds the passion and drive to fight the odds and achieve fortune and fame. 

We didn't just settle for some one-hit wonder...not that there wouldn't be lessons there too...

We got someone who's achieved ENDURING success.

Of course, as great as fame and fortune are, we think success is bigger than that. It's also about health, relationships and a sense of purpose.

So listen in as we visit with mega-band Def Leppard's lead guitarist, Phil Collen...and discover philosophies, principles and patterns for you can apply to your life as pursue big time success in fortune, fame, relationships and health.

And you guessed it. This episode ROCKS!

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