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Jul 23, 2012

Bad news for housing can be great news for investors.  But it means seeing a bigger picture and reading between the lines.  For this episode, we do back to back interviews with two special guests.  First, we visit with Gene Epstein, who is the former chief economist for the New York Stock Exchange and current economics editor for Barron’s magazine.   Next, we chat with Anthony Randazzo who is the director of economic research for Reason Foundation. Anthony specializes in housing finance and macroeconomic policy.  They’re both braniacs, so we ask them for their thoughts on the economy - and at first blush, it looks bad.  But after digging a little deeper, we wrap up pretty excited about the opportunities for real estate investors today.  Take a listen!  The Real Estate Guys™ radio show provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed.  Learn more and subscribe to the free newsletter at