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Dec 30, 2013

Our friend Robert Kiyosaki says "Savers are losers".  Does that mean you shouldn't save?  Of course not!

As real estate prices rise and lending comes back into the market, real estate investors are going to be realizing profits - whether from sales or refinances.  Plus, the more properties you own, they more cash reserves you hold.

In both cases, investors end up sitting on piles of dollars.  While that might sound good (it's better than the alternative), it also presents a challenge.  Even with the tiny taper, the Fed is still effectively printing $75 billion a month.  This has the potential to severely weaken the dollar.  If you have lots of dollars, then that's a problem for you.

In this episode, we talk with special guest Anthem Blanchard who helps us understand precious metals as an alternative to dollars for the long term storage of wealth.

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