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Oct 8, 2012

Host Robert Helms travels to Orlando Florida to attend the Encounter of the Americas conference which is hosted by RE/MAX.  

This event brings company leaders and agents together from all over the world, with an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean. 

RE/MAX is one of the biggest brands in real estate brokerage with an especially strong international presence.  So they're able to help us gain a global perspective about where money is flowing in and out of real estate.

At the event, Robert sits down with three of the top guys at RE/MAX, each offering unique insights.

Larry Oberly is VP of International development, who helps RE/MAX expand its network around the globe.  By collecting data from local offices, monitoring search activity on the RE/MAX website and having high level conversations with international industry leaders, Larry helps us do one of our favorite things:  anticipate where the puck is going.  He has some interesting comments about China that you want to listen to.

Next, Robert talks to Ricardo Cardenas who is the RE/MAX VP of Latin America and the Caribbean.  As part of the emerging growth countries known as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), Brazil is the dominant economy of Latin America.  

But it isn't the only strong economy in the south side of the Western Hemisphere.  And as these nations make more money, they are diligently working on improving their business systems, including how real estate brokerage is done.  RE/MAX is playing a leadership role in that process.  

Just as software protocols have made various devices more compatible and easier to use, so will improving business protocols improve access to properties and the ease and security of doing business.  This helps pave the way for more capital to move into those real estate markets.

Last, but certainly not least, Robert reconnects with John Turley, our good friend and top broker in the country of Belize.  John visits face to face with real life buyers every day, so while we appreciate the big picture view of high level execs, we like to balance that with street level insights from guys like John.  He brings us up to speed on the latest and greatest about Belize.  

We are pleasantly surprised to learn that tourism is substantially up over last year’s record highs.  It’s also interesting that while much of the world experienced severe price declines throughout the recession, Belize did not.  And tourism is actually higher now than before the recession hit.  Very interesting.

There’s a lot here, so turn up your volume and enjoy!

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