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Aug 31, 2015

Just as ancient hunter-gatherers would migrate in search of sustenance, real estate investors today might be well-served to migrate into new markets and product types to find yields.

In this first episode in our series on finding yield, we go WAY outside of box of little green houses and red hotels. 

We talk to a lawyer who helps international clients research and acquire income producing farmland in Uruguay.  It's easier than you think!

Then we visit with the Premier of the tiny Caribbean island nation of Nevis. Like Uruguay, they are very welcoming of foreign investors.  But their opportunities involve resort properties suitable for vacation rentals.

And we don't want to leave the Eastern hemisphere out of the conversation, we visit with an asset manager about the amazing opportunities in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (formerly Burma),..where investors can get investment insurance for up to 270 percent of investment...guaranteed by the U.S. government!

So listen in and discover a much bigger world of real estate investment opportunity!

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