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Nov 2, 2015

Former Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke is taking a victory lap
and promoting his new book, The Courage to Act. Meanwhile, ex-
Congressman and multi-time Presidential candidate Ron Paul is a
well-known long-time critic of the Fed.

One thing's for sure - The Fed is the most powerful financial
force on the planet. Their decisions affect interest rates,
economic activity, investment activity and the price of every
product, commodity or service worldwide. Paper asset investors
hang on every word the Fed utters...and real estate investors
should pay close attention too.

Both Ben Bernanke and Ron Paul appeared at separate events in
separate cities within days of each other. So The Real Estate
Guys decided to split up and cover both. Robert was in Dallas to
hear Ron Paul. Russ headed to San Francisco is listen to Ben

In this episode we compare notes and reflect on what we heard and
how it affects real estate investors. Listen in and decide for
yourself - is the Fed a friend….or foe?

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