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Feb 14, 2011

CPA Tom Wheelwright is a Rich Dad Advisor to best selling author Robert Kiyosaki.  Since it’s that time of year when millions of U.S. citizens are dutifully preparing their taxes - and wondering if their affairs are structured properly to avoid paying more than necessary, we dug into the archives to re-visit a conversation we had with Tom in May 2009. 

Even though the technical details of the tax code changes from year to year (which is why you need a CPA who understands the unique needs of real estate investors), many of the core principles of taxation remain largely stable. 

Tom’s thesis is that successful real estate investing includes running it like a business. What exactly does that mean?  Find out in this ENCORE episode featuring host Robert Helms, co-host Russell Gray and Rich Dad's Tax Advisor CPA Tom Wheelwright.

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