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Aug 1, 2010

Interviews with twelve fascinating speakers from Freedom Fest 2010.  Each is expert on one or more topics related to economics, tax, asset protection, finance and going offshore  - and all have strong opinions about the state of the US economy.  We talk inflation vs. deflation, big government vs. free markets, domestic vs. global, and much, much more!  There's an attorney who specializes in clients worth $10 million or more; an energy and infrastructure expert who says innovation is the key to creating American jobs - and that savers are fueling the recession (what?!?); a former US Congressman who now helps people live and prosper offshore; a CPA who specializes in clients with offshore holdings; two of the attorneys who defended Wesley Snipes agains the IRS; an economic analyst who says "we're on the precipice of the greatest stock market decline in our lifetime"; and several other equally intriguing guests.  This is a marathon session, so bring your lunch and get ready for several rapid fire interviews with some of the most interesting people we've ever talked with.  Want more?  Sign up for The Real Estate Guys free newsletter at