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Feb 18, 2013

We like to peruse the news looking for clues we can use (and words that rhyme).  Unlike reports that look back on the past, the daily news is talking about what's happening now.  Much more useful.

When it comes to real estate market cycles (and pretty much any kind of financial cycle), we've observed that the pendulum swings both ways. 

In case you were in a coma, 10 years ago we were on the front end of a huge updward surge in real estate values.  Five years ago, real estate hit a litle bump in the road to riches called the greatest financial disaster since the Great Depression.  Ouch.

Of course, as bad as all that was for some people, it's been a buying bonanza for the brave and the bold.  And today the headlines tell us that real estate is coming back across nearly every sector.  In other words, we could be on verge of a surge.

What does it all mean?  That's what we discuss on this episode of The Real Estate Guys radio show!

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