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Nov 16, 2015

Broadcasting from the 41st annual New Orleans Investment Conference, we sit down to chat with Mark Skousen, Peter Schiff and Brien Lundin.

Mark Skousen has been named one of the top 20 living economists. He's been writing a successful stock investing newsletter for nearly four decades. And he's a bull.

Peter Schiff is a money manager, a multi-time best-selling author, and he famously warned a skeptical world about the 2008 financial 2006. He says nothing's fundamentally fixed. In fact, Peter says the next crash will be even bigger than the last one. Some say he’s a bear.

Brien Lundin is an expert in gold. He's the producer of the New Orleans Investment Conference and the publisher of a very popular newsletter on precious metal investing. Gold is an alternative to dollars as a store of liquid value. And the gold helps us understand what’s happening with the dollar. So even those you don’t hold gold can benefit from watching it.

None of these guys are real estate investors. So they don't look at the world with a real estate bias. We like to visit with them because they help us discover blind spots we might have when we look at real estate.

After four days in New Orleans, all our brain cells were fired up. So listen in as we talk about interest rates, the dollar, real estate, gold and what the future holds.

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