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Aug 29, 2011

Special guests Peter Schiff and Ty Andros share economic insights in our fourth and final installment of August and the Economy.  Peter has become widely renowned for his independent perspectives on what ails the American economy and what it will take to fix it.  He contends regularly with mainstream media pundits and has an impressive ability to predict major economic trends.

Ty Andros also manages money and is very outspoken in his views - and deep concerns - about U.S. monetary policy and the future of the dollar.  He strongly advocates storing wealth in something other than dollars.  Of course, we like real estate, but then again, we are biased!

Both men are well versed and influential on economic and financial matters.  With the credit downgrade, jobless "recovery", lingering foreclosure mess and the upcoming presidential elections, all eyes (and ears) are watching the economy.  And since the best tenants have jobs with steady paychecks, it behooves serious real estate investors to pick markets and property types most likely to prosper in uncertain times. That means watching - and understanding - the economics behind markets, currencies and demographics. 

Of course, we've learned that when uncertainty abounds, those who study harder and think more deeply are better able to take effective action, while those who don't are stuck waiting and wondering about what will happen.  We say that "Think and Do" is better than "Wait and See".  So listen in to find out what two these two big brains are thinking.  Then think for yourself and take appropriate action to grow and protect your wealth. Enjoy!

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