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Feb 6, 2012

It's true.  Super Bowl Sunday is a bigger media event than The Real Estate Guys radio show (hard to believe, we know).  In fact, the Super Bowl's 110 million viewers make it the top viewed show of the year - 5 times bigger than American Idol!  Why should you care?  You shouldn't.  Because unless you're connected to the business of football or lucky enough to place a winning bet, the outcome of the Super Bowl won't affect your financial position at all.  So, for all The Real Estate Guys™ faithful out there, we're in the studio for another exciting edition of Ask The Guys.  We dug into the email grab bag and pulled out a handful of questions to pontificate about while the rest of wolrd watches the Giants and Patriots duke it out.  So tune into The Real Estate Guys™ and fill your brain with real estate investing knowledge -then go out into the real world and make some equity happen!  The Real Estate Guys™ radio show provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources to help real estate investors succeed.  Learn more and subscribe to the free newsletter! Visit  ©2012 The Real Estate Guys™ - All rights reserved.