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Aug 10, 2015

Robert and Russ dig deep into the email grab bag and pull out a handful of great listener questions for this edition of Ask The Guys.

Do high cap rates in a low cap rate market mean more risk?  Maybe.

What do you do when a tenant breaks their lease?  Ouch.

How to get a 401k into play without triggering taxes?

A field trip to Cuba?  Hmmmm....

Bought in the bubble and now drowning in debt.  Help!

Buy now for my own account...or save funds to prime the pump for my first syndication?  Decisions, decisions....

Will boomers into bonds crush stocks and sink interest rates?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Does it make sense to sell on a least option in hot market?  Good question!

You have questions.  We'll make up answers...on The Real Estate Guys radio show!

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